Melting Snow

March 04 2014
Melting Snow
5x7 (approximate) casein on board
Status: Available Price: $150.00

On a foggy and quiet day, the snow is melting on a hill above Ridley Creek at Taylor Arboretum in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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  1. josephine

    Oh, I love the colour and composition in this piece!

  2. Terry Lindsay

    Hi Charley,
    Nice work ! This is the only casein I came across..from 2014 if I’m correct…is casein out of favor?


  3. Charley Parker

    Terry, sorry for delayed response. I think Casein is actually experiencing something of a revival (though not as much as gouache). A major proponent of casein currently is James Gurney:

    See also my article about casein on Lines and Colors: